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Job offer recruitment

- As for the job offer recruitment -

1.When applying ・・・
Please send it to the following address after describing a necessary matter clearly in the personal history and the career sheet, etc.

〒543-0001 Osaka City Tennojiku Uehommachi 6-4-13
Obitastar Co.,Ltd. Person in charge of Personnel Department adoption

I might disclose individual information within the range necessary to judge right or wrong of the adoption, and collect. Disclosed individual information is taken care of as follows.

2.Use of individual information
Obitastar Co.,Ltd. uses individual information to judge right or wrong of the adoption. Moreover, it is likely to use it to analyze it needing it for the recruitment activity after the part where the individual is specified is excluded. After the consignment contract is concluded, individual information might be disclosed consigning by the collection of information within the necessary range and the analysis, etc. for target achievement ahead.

Applicant's individual information is disclosed and never offered to the third party without obtaining the applicant's concerned agreement, except when the above-mentioned and admitted by the law.

3.Management of individual information
Kept individual information is strictly managed. I will make the end of December of year when the application day belongs an initial date in reckoning for the examination of right or wrong of the adoption in the future and keep individual information for three years.

Inquiry concerning application
TEL:81-6-6779-9506 FAX:81-6-6779-9515 Charge:Halmi Takahata

Recruitment period Recruitment at any time
Salary Regular member: 200,000 yen (including tax) contract employee: 180,000 yen (including tax)
Part-time job: Hourly wage 800 yen(The part-time job is for the training period, and is hourly wage 700 yen.)
Working hours 9:00-18:00 and holiday: Five times a month (Include it on Sunday). (The part-time job is a rotation system.)
Treatment Equipping fully insurance various, once a raise year (According to the ability), and twice a bonus year (According to the ability).
Qualification requirements It lives in Japan. (The alien registration settlement certificate of the foreigner is necessary.)
It is possible to work during the week for three days or more.
18 years old or more. (academic background pretermission)
The main content of work Internet kimono shop "Online kimono trade fair", and it is E-mail auction exhibition preparation business, delivery business with customer, and check business etc.. of commodity.
Place of business Osaka City Tennojiku
*The above-mentioned commodity is published in another site with one stock thing simultaneously.
  Please acknowledge it is when it is not possible to buy it according to the time difference.
It has no holiday all the year round.Round-the-clock.
E-mail is Saturday from Monday.E-mail is 17 o'clock from ten o'clock.
Telephone manners are Saturdays from Monday.Telephone manners are 18 o'clock from ten o'clock.
After the commodity arrives, the returned goods within seven days is free.
Please confirm the commodity at once when the commodity arrives.
The carriage when goods is returned becomes a customer's share.
Thing concerning
Thing concerning
There is no thing over the third party because it strictly manages customer's individual information at all.
The system named SSL is used because of the credit card, and the card number is encrypted and transmitted.
Japan Post EMS
Detailed payment method for various credit cards
The system named SSL is used because of the credit card, and the card number is encrypted and transmitted.