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Company overview

[ history ]Work contents

Founder Kichibei Takahata establishes the seafood wholesale store in Shiga Prefecture Nagahama City.
The second generation Kichigerou establishes the dry goods wholesale store.
The base ground is moved to Osaka by the fifth generation Kichishi.
-November, 1968
Matukawaya establishment beginning of the sixth generation Masaru Takahata.
-November 10, 1997
Osaka Prefecture excellent store governor prize winning
-April 26, 2002
The Internet business inauguration and online kimono trade fair. Rakuten Ichiba shop opening.
-January 17, 2003
From Rakuten Ichiba
Shop of the year rookie of the year award winning

-Rakuten Ichiba winning shop list
-October 1, 2003
Online kimono trade fair. Yahoo auction shop opening.
-March 6, 2004
Online kimono trade fair. Bidders shop opening.
-August 12, 2004
Expansion of its own site
-October 18, 2004
Obitastar Ltd. establishment
-April 26, 2005
Rakuten Ichiba homepage renewal
-July, 2005
The kimono general site: is established.

As of August, 2005

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It displays it with Mapion.

6-4-13,Uehommachi,Tennoji-ku,Osaka City,543-0001 Japan
- It is 2 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Department Store (southwest).
- It is 3 minutes on foot from subway Tanimachi-kyuchome (southeast).

-Japanese clothes retail sales,Management of Internet mail order "Online kimono trade fair",Management of dry goods retail store "Matukawaya".
Company overview

Company name:Obitastar Ltd.
Address:6-4-13,Uehommachi,Tennoji-ku,Osaka City,543-0001 Japan
TEL:81-6-6779-9526 FAX:81-6-6779-9515
The capital 10 million yen
Establishment in October, 2004
Representative director:Kazuko Takahata
Director:Yoshiyuki Takahata
Director:Masaru Takahata
Auditor:Harumi Takahata

Store name:Matukawaya
Address:6-4-13,Uehommachi,Tennoji-ku,Osaka City,543-0001 Japan
Storekeeper:Masaru Takahata
Business hours:10:00-18:00
Regular holiday:Sunday
-Osaka Prefecture excellent store governor prize winning shop
Net branch:Online kimono trade fair
Business ground:high high town office 1403,6-3-31,Uehommachi,Tennoji-ku,Osaka City,543-0001 Japan
Person in charge of shop generalization:Yoshiyuki Takahata

Shop business hours:No holiday and round-the-clock all the year round
Mail reply business hours:10:00-17:30
Regular holiday of mail reply:Sunday
*The above-mentioned commodity is published in another site with one stock thing simultaneously.
  Please acknowledge it is when it is not possible to buy it according to the time difference.
It has no holiday all the year round.Round-the-clock.
E-mail is Saturday from Monday.E-mail is 17 o'clock from ten o'clock.
Telephone manners are Saturdays from Monday.Telephone manners are 18 o'clock from ten o'clock.
After the commodity arrives, the returned goods within seven days is free.
Please confirm the commodity at once when the commodity arrives.
The carriage when goods is returned becomes a customer's share.
Thing concerning
Thing concerning
There is no thing over the third party because it strictly manages customer's individual information at all.
The system named SSL is used because of the credit card, and the card number is encrypted and transmitted.
Japan Post EMS
Detailed payment method for various credit cards
The system named SSL is used because of the credit card, and the card number is encrypted and transmitted.